Berat Museum Center is a specialized and archival institution with the status of “national museum” under the Ministry of Culture based in the city of Berat which administers the Onufri Iconographyc Museum and Ethnographic Museum. The Onufri Iconographyc Museum and the Ethnographic Museum, preserve, collect and promote objects of important cultural heritage values of the city of Berat and the surrounding area. Berat has been an important development center especially in the XVII centry, a place where were settled cultural and artistic qualities, were produced and protected important values, which were real treasuries of the national culture.

The Iconographic Museum “Onufri”

The Iconographic Museum “Onufri” has been housed in the Castle of Berat, in the Dormitionof St Mary cathedral since February 27th, 1986. The Museum is named after the great Albanian icon painter “Onufri’, born in the early 16th century. Based on the inscriptions found there, the cathedral was built in 1797 on top of the foundations of an older byzantine church. It is one of the most symbolical attraction of post- byzantine architecture in Berat.

The Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum is located in the buffer zone, very close to the historic center (Mangalem and Kala Quarters). It was housed in 1979 inside one of the traditional houses of the city of Berat which was built at the beginning of the XVIII century. It is a two-story building with a chardak on one side. The two most important spaces were the open porch which occupied the entire ground floor and the upper floor which provided accessibility to all the other rooms that were used for sitting, working, cooking, eating and sleeping.

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